Be a strong healing partner to your child

At Tandem Healing, we help the parents and families of children who are living with chronic illness find connection, support and inspiration.

For those who are experiencing significant changes in their lifestyle, such as nutrition, sleep, exercise and major changes in a medical regimen, Tandem Healing focuses on support and relatedness to maximize their healing potential.  


Tandem Healing can help.

We combine a holistic lifestyle medicine-focused approach with relational psychotherapy to enhance connectedness and well-being so parents and family members are able to be strong healing partners to their children.

When a child is living with a chronic disease, coping with daily challenges can be very isolating for them and their family. At Tandem Healing, we create small, special communities that bring together parents and families who are facing similar life transformations with their children.

In these groups, parents gain a hopeful, renewed vision for their child’s diagnosis and a stronger sense of their own ability to impact their child’s health. We’ll help you strengthen connections within your family and with your treatment team. You’ll also develop tools for you own self-care as you become part of your child’s healing journey.


We work in tandem with you to identify any psychological blocks or lifestyle issues that may be adding to the inherent stress involved in caring for children with protracted illness. 

Our ability to heal is enhanced when we feel a deep connection to others. 

At times, significant lifestyle changes leave us even more isolated as we adapt to major alterations, sometimes even within our own families. Through our respite days, our support groups and our community events, we focus on building a sense of support and community. 

If you have a family member who is facing a long-term illness and you want to support them in their healing, reach out to Tandem Healing.



We go together

While the practice of medicine is becoming more mechanized and pharmaceutical, many of us are turning to lifestyle changes that allow us to play a greater role in our own health transformations. However, within these various lifestyle approaches, there is much division leaving us with a real need to connect more deeply with our treatment team as well as each other. Our healing improves when we feel connected.  

The new, 21st century healing paradigm is one of inclusion, relatedness, sharing and deep empathic joining.

Come with us.


About me.

I am a licensed psychologist with over 12 years training in health psychology and psychoanalytic psychotherapy. My desire is to provide support, community and education to families dealing with long-term illness.


How to begin.

Please call or email to set up an initial phone consultation with Dr. Shari Coskey regarding your current needs.