Are you a parent of a child diagnosed with a chronic illness? The doctor said to me, “your son has Crohn’s disease” and time seemed to slow down. 

I had a million questions. Will he have this for the rest of his life, will he be in pain always, will he be able to play sports and will he be happy? Is this all my fault somehow?  

Even though I felt comfortable scouring medical research, I was now cast with the enormous task of changing our lifestyles and managing doctor visits all the while trying to support his having as normal of a childhood as possible. From the minute of that diagnosis to today, our treatment team completely supported my son and myself with all the available medical treatments available and the utmost of loving care. I consider us to be quite fortunate.  

And yet, I felt I needed more. I needed support beyond my family. I needed to connect with other parents who could understand the challenges for my son and for our family as a result of his diagnosis.

I am a licensed psychologist with over 12 years training in health psychology and psychoanalytic psychotherapy. My desire is to provide support and education to families dealing with long-term illness.